#IND2020: We call for Gratitude, Respect and Better Conditions for Nurses

Today, 12 May, is International Nurses Day and we would like to thank nurses worldwide for their heroic and tireless contributions.  With the Covid19-crisis raging worldwide, nurses deserve special praise and recognition as well as better conditions and investments by governments.

The International Council of Nurses has moreover released a report in view of International Nurses Day.  It consists of valuable information about the role of nurses, the challenges they face, and how best to harness the potential of nursing and create tomorrow’s workforce. With examples from across the globe, it shows how a supported and empowered nursing workforce is an effective solution to improving health outcomes.

The ENhANCE consortium aims to encourage better and more efficient investments in nursing education by developing a European Curriculum for a highly specialised Family and Community Nurse. You can access some of ENhANCE key outcomes here.