Our Mission is to support the transition from the knowledge-based society to a society based on understanding, creativity, innovation and social construction. The basis for founding Future Balloons has been the rapid development of information technology and all applications in this field. 

The information society was announced years ago - and it does not really mean personal knowledge. The information society of nowadays is rather aware of searching techniques in search engines, Wikipedia and social networks. Today information - in whatever quality shall not be discussed here - is accessible in nearly zero time from any place on the world where internet is accessible.

In our opinion personally stored information and knowledge is just necessary up to a critical amount. From this amount on it may grow with creativity, may be strengthened by application, may be spread by teaching. The "understanding society" shall be the next step, taking the personal and society knowledge as basis.

Understanding all processes, interactions, connections of subjects. Understanding the backgrounds and opportunities of daily life decisions and events. Understanding, or at least trying to understand other people. Together with educated, motivated and responsible friends and partners, Future Balloons is trying to assist in the transition from the information society to the understanding society.