Future Balloons

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We are a small consultancy company, working in the areas of ICT, Education, Training and Culture. Specifically we support our clients and partners in the development and implementation of projects, based in innovation and technology. Along with that we promote activities towards the internationalisation and internal development of the organisations. Check our service portfolio and our projects.

Our Services

Our mission is to support the transition from the knowledge-based society to a society based on understanding, creativity, innovation and social construction.
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Software Development

Program development services in web and mobile context. Vast experience in systems applied to training, e-learning and knowledge management.
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Design for Education and Social Innovation

Future Balloons collaborates with companies and associations to find the best options for their customers and users. We answer the most difficult questions of your organization.
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Intensive Training

We provide short courses, but intensive, embedded in a user-centered methodology and oriented to the acquisition of very tangible skills.
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Project Consultancy and Fundraising

Quality control and location. Project implementation. Applications for projects.

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