Fake News Day

It was on the 22nd of November the Fake News Day. It was the time for presenting the project and to talk about the importance of the theme FAKE NEWS to everyone, but mostly to young people. The event engaged two experts on the theme who presented and debated with young people about the importance[…]

Youth mobility in Padua

It was in Padua, Italy, that took place between September the 1st and the 7th 2019, the event that brought together about twenty young high school students from various nationalities, with the objective of working the phenomenon of false news, within the scope of the project Fake Off. The group of five Portuguese youngters traveled[…]

Tichron gathers partners in Gijón

The third meeting of the Tichron project was held on 16th and 17th of May 2019 at the CTIC – Technology Center in Gijón. In the meeting, were gathered all the members of the partnership, CTIC – Centro Tecnológico (ES), ACCOMIP / REPOP – Association de Prise en charge concertée des obésités en Midi-Pyrénées (FR),[…]

EnHance project meets in Finland

The fourth meeting of the EnHance project partnership was held in Kuopio, Finland. The Eastern University of Finland hosted, on May 6th and 7th, the 12 entities that compose the alliance. The meeting served for universities to present the implementation of pilot studies with the curriculum for family and community nurses. It was also presented[…]