Tichron gathers partners in Gijón

The third meeting of the Tichron project was held on 16th and 17th of May 2019 at the CTIC – Technology Center in Gijón. In the meeting, were gathered all the members of the partnership, CTIC – Centro Tecnológico (ES), ACCOMIP / REPOP – Association de Prise en charge concertée des obésités en Midi-Pyrénées (FR), MEDES (FR), SCS-IDIVAL – Cantabrian Health Service ES), Future Balloons (PT) and University of Minho (PT) with the objective of discussing the various issues inherent in project management and development, as well as the verification of the results achieved.

The agenda included the evaluation of the state of development of the mobile application, considering all its technical specifications, the types of exercises and the need to use them in the model for the alignment of the contents and consequent integration according to the needs of the user. The set of e-learning tools were also presented. In addition, under discussion were the pilot studies carried out in France at ACCOMIP/REPOP, Portugal, at the University of Minho and Spain at SCS – IDIVAL, which focus on the study of chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes and obesity.