New year, new project!

New year, new project! It is called bye, Polarity – Thinking beyond Polarity for Europe united in diversity and is the new project, under Erasmus+, resulting from a partnership between 4 European countries (Portugal, Austria, Romania and Cyprus), starting on 01-01-2022 with a 2 years duration, where the increasing polarization in Europe and the Western[…]

LTTA in Sweden – ReLeCoFa Project

From 24th to 30th of October 2021, Future Balloons was in Sweden to attend the Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (LTTA) of the Relecofa project – “Regional Learning Communities and Facilitators”. FRIDA UTBILDNING AB hosted this event which brought together 40 teachers from several countries (Austria, Sweden and Portugal). This teacher/facilitator exchange experience focused on the[…]

First Meeting – Ei YoU! Project

The first meeting of the project team Ei YoU! Educational Innovation Facing Youth Unemployment held in Italy, specifically in Città di Castelo. There were several moments of sharing and mutual understanding which contributed to strengthening ties between the team. We are all motivated and committed to achieve the project objectives.

Bissaya Barreto Foundation integrates Social Design course from Future Balloons in their training offer

For the first time, leaders of the various social fields of Bissaya Barreto Foundation (FBB) participated in a workshop of social design. This opportunity was conducted by Future Balloons last September 30. The workshop focused on the application of the methodology design thinking to leadership, in line with the participant’s profile. This experience is included[…]

Future Balloons and Figueira Mar together in European project dedicated to the relationship between school motivation and youth unemployment

The local partnership gained funding through the Erasmus+ program to perform the project Ei YoU! – Educational Innovation facing Youth Unemployment through the Erasmus+ program. The project was launched together with a cross-sector group of organizations (NGO, schools, companies and a youth association) from several European countries (Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Austria and Croatia). The[…]