Future Balloons starts in eHealth with the partnership of the Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra

Called TiChroN, the new project derives from a joint application to Interreg Sudoe programme, under the initiative of IDIVAL Institute, in Santander. Until 2021 the partnership will conceive web and mobile applications towards the continuous attention of children with chronic diseases.

The project aims at increasing the quality of life of these children, at the same time, that it capacitates the child, the parents and the school community to better react to symptoms. The collection of information through the applications will allow the clinical teams to better decide and reduce the errors in long term treatments.

TiChroN will provide a set of digital tools for the monitorization, following and training, to be used by all sides of the disease: patient, doctors and caregivers. The tools will be validated in 3 pilot-tests, happening in Portugal (University of Minho), Spain (Cantabric Health Service) and France (Hospital and University Centre of Toulouse).

Aiming the better connection to the users, Future Balloons has made a local partnership with the Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra, who, thanks to their experience and contact with children with chronic diseases, will participate in the project as consultant council.