Future Balloons starts in eHealth with the partnership of the Pediatric Hospital of Coimbra

Called TiChroN, the new project derives from a joint application to Interreg Sudoe programme, under the initiative of IDIVAL Institute, in Santander. Until 2021 the partnership will conceive web and mobile applications towards the continuous attention of children with chronic diseases. The project aims at increasing the quality of life of these children, at the[…]

Another successful partnership

During the next three years the ENhANCE project will target a specific existing mismatch between the skills currently offered by nurses working in Primary Health Care (PHC) and those actually demanded by both public health care institutions and private service providers when applying innovative healthcare models centered on PHC. The ENhANCE Alliance includes 12 partners,[…]

Open places in the new edition of the Change Making Educators – 19th to 23rd of June

The Change Making Educators is a professional development course for educational staff. All participants will be introduced to an innovative methodology to conceive actions applicable to their workplace. This method is based on Design Thinking, which is a creative method applied to solving social problems, based on observations of the reality and immersed in collaborative[…]