Tichron Project at Annual Meeting 2020

On 27th June 2020 we will present an oral communication at the Annual Meeting 2020 – HEALTH 4.0: DESIGNING TOMORROW’S HEALTHCARE. Entitled e-Learning Technologies on the Follow-up of Young People with Chronic Diseases, it aims at presenting the Tichron project and the technological tools that have been developed in its scope. These tools were designed[…]

#IND2020: We call for Gratitude, Respect and Better Conditions for Nurses

Today, 12 May, is International Nurses Day and we would like to thank nurses worldwide for their heroic and tireless contributions.  With the Covid19-crisis raging worldwide, nurses deserve special praise and recognition as well as better conditions and investments by governments. The International Council of Nurses has moreover released a report in view of International[…]

The ENhANCE consortium would like to mark World Health Day 2020

We thank and honour all nurses at the forefront of the COVID-19 crisis  The Erasmus+ ENhANCE project (European Curriculum for Family and Community Nurse) supports and contributes to the five key investment areas in nursing as mentioned by the World Health Organisation here. Accelerate investments in nursing and midwifery education: The ENhANCE Family and Community[…]

Kick off meeting of the ReLeCoFa project (Regional Learning Communities and Facilitators)

The first meeting of the partnership took place in Graz on the 6th and 7th of February 2020. The project started on 01.12.2019 and it will end on 31.08.2022. Four institutions from three European countries (Austria, Sweden and Portugal) are part of the partnership. Several issues related to the start-up and development of the project[…]

New project for the next three years

It is called Regional Learning Communities and Facilitators (ReLeCoFa) and is the new project resulting from a strategic partnership within Erasmus+. The partnership includes 4 partners from 3 European countries (Portugal, Austria and Sweden). The target group are teachers and their reference system. The aim is to indirectly support the work of teachers and to[…]

Fake News Day

It was on the 22nd of November the Fake News Day. It was the time for presenting the project and to talk about the importance of the theme FAKE NEWS to everyone, but mostly to young people. The event engaged two experts on the theme who presented and debated with young people about the importance[…]